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digital trends

One of the most important multiclient scenario-studies in Italy: carried out annually since 2014 (carrying over the first research on the digitization of Italians, managed since 2003 by professionals now in Ergo). Thanks to a holistic approach we connect different phenomena: technological equipment, de-linearization of video (and audio) consumption, cultural consumption ... The “on-going” delivery (across the whole year) starts from the initial tuning phases ending with institutional presentations and final ad hoc reports.

sala e salotto

Since 2010 it has been the main research on the theatrical market and the other movie-watching occasions. Its metrics allow to measure, profile and segment viewers, reconstructing their choice dynamics. Introduced in 2010 in collaboration with Anica and Cinetel.


A spin-off of DigitalTRENDS and Sala&Salotto: 10,000 cases allow to accurately measure audiences of main TV series (Italian and foreign) on OTT platforms, not covered by official metrics.

+ movies

A spin-off of DigitalTRENDS and Sala&Salotto: 10,000 cases allow to accurately measure audiences of movies watched in the theaters or proposed in the “first window” directly on the OTT platforms.

cb trends

A “verticalization” of DigitalTRENDS on a specific target: an oversampling dedicated to the Customer Base (also with interviews extracted from the client's databases) of SVOD and BVOD services (and more). It allows more accurate behavioral reconstructions and insights into motivational and evaluative aspects, with the possibility to introduce pre-tests.

movie clinic

A screening test with preview in central location: it measures and profiles the potential of audiovisual products (films, TV series, television formats…) also testing communication materials. As an additional module, a "digital test" on a large national sample, centered on the "virtual choice" mechanism can be coducted. Movie Clinic is part of “on-shelf” diagnostic tools to support the decision-making process during the product life cycle, starting from the “concepts” to be implemented in the pre-production phase.

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Thanks to the partnership with Vertigo France, we have brought to Italy the survey which aims to describe in detail who attends the cinemas in order to clearly identify the target audience of each title: information that will be essential in the future to better calibrate launches. of films, carry out more targeted marketing campaigns and reduce the dispersion of investments.

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